To a new year of productivity and sewing bliss

It’s the last day 2016. Welp, that went quickly.

I know New Years Eve is just another day on the calendar, but I like the symbolism of closing one chapter and opening a fresh page, turning a new leaf, a clean slate, an opportunity to start again. I totally fell off the sewing radar in the second half of this year, and lost track of many of my sewing goals. Life happened, you know. I was sewing for other people, not for myself, and kind of lost desire to sew at all. I quit a job, moved cities, moved house, found another job, and am only gradually now getting back into some type of routine in my life (and finally unpacking my sewing space – which, for the moment, shall be used purely and unapologetically selfishly!).


With this new space comes new ambition to enjoy my favourite craft. I could count everything I didn’t achieve this year, all the goals I missed, everything I let slide, but that would not be productive. I acknowledge that as life happens, goals change;  I need to be adaptable to new more realistic or useful goals.

So, kissing 2016 goodbye with a delightful new sewing room in our new (old) house in leafy Brisbane, I am looking forward to 2017, for which these are my top 5 sewing goals:


So, I guess, let’s see how I go. I’m also stupidly good at putting pressure on myself to achieve more than what actually be realistic so I may need to relax a little on my targets. It is OKAY if I don’t actually finish what I plan to! I have to remember that and not beat myself up so much!

There we go. Wishing you all a wonderful 2017 and a realistic level of productivity with your creative pursuits!

Katy xx

2 thoughts on “To a new year of productivity and sewing bliss

  1. I want to make that Vogue coat too (in the jacket length, with the shawl collar – I have been looking for horsehair canvas or something for the collar and lapels). My list from last year had swimwear and trousers, still want to do those. But my 2017 looks like it could be moving house, maybe twice, so who knows when I’ll get back into it?!

    1. Hi Colette! Thanks for your comment 🙂 Isn’t it just a lovely looking pattern… I haven’t looked at the construction or anything yet but the picture looks fab! Ergh, good luck with the moving house (worst thing ever!)

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