The Belcarra Blouse

I made a top, and it's actually wearable! Here it is (and what the hell, here's my face too): It seems the thing to do on sewing blogs is present your creation on your body, the way it actually looks in real life, rather than the garment lying flat on a table or hung up … Continue reading The Belcarra Blouse


First attempt at a shirt…

I found an old pattern (Simplicity 9857, from 1996... I know) and some nice white rayon for my first attempt at a collared shirt. Urgh. Things I have learnt: How NOT to do collars; and No matter how much you want a retro shirt to not look retro because you're wearing it in 2014, it's … Continue reading First attempt at a shirt…

Rose themed soft wash cloth

So I recently learnt how to make my own bias tape and realised how awesome that is because you seriously use bias tape on So Many Things. So I made some bias tape out of this pink stuff that has been lying around since I was a 5-year-old ballerina in a circle skirt, and then … Continue reading Rose themed soft wash cloth


Super cute lined and zippered box pouch

So I was exploring the sewing blogosphere and came across this ridiculously cute little pouch made by MachineGunMama and basically just had to make one for myself. So cayoot! The tutorial I followed is right here - I modified it *just* a tiny bit so that I didn't have rough seams on the inside, but … Continue reading Super cute lined and zippered box pouch