Stripes! A self-drafted pleated skirt

How good are box pleats?! My favourite dress brand, Review, uses them in many of their full-skirted designs, and I think they add such a lovely, neat touch. Gathering skirts is one thing, but pleats are just so tidy and classy. And in a short little skirt like this one, lots of fun, too!


Of course, pleats are easy: you basically just create folds in the fabric and sew them down. But this YouTube tutorial showed me the maths behind creating perfect box pleats in your own self-drafted skirt. Basically, you need a piece of fabric three times as wide as the skirt waistband, and the fabric ends up folding over itself twice inside each pleat. She explains it a lot better in the video πŸ˜‰ If you’re fairly new to sewing and curious, take a look!


This skirt was the first self-drafted thing I made (…about six months ago. I’m still catching up, I know!). I had always been a stickler for precisely following patterns and their step-by-step instructions. The more patterns you follow, however, and the more garments you make from their designs, the more you start to recognise shapes and techniques and you start to understand how they come together. Then, gradually, you can apply these techniques to your own designs and ideas. Pleats are pretty simple, and were an excellent starting point for me to branch away from “THOU SHALT SEW EXACTLY WHAT IS WRITTEN”. Since creating this skirt, I have dabbled a bit in pattern design and modification and everyone’s favourite, “Frankenpatterns”, where you mix and match different parts of various patterns into the one design. I would love to complete some proper courses in pattern design one day!

Anyway, a little bit about the skirt: it was made from a satin remnant from my local boutique (which I bought before my “no new fabric” rule! In fact, the plan for this skirt is even in that blog post, so hooray! I can tick it off! I certainly didn’t need this skirt, but I was hopeless at resisting remnants back then. I’m a lot better now, I promise!)

The skirt has overlocked side seams, an interfaced waistband, a side invisible zip, and a machine-stitched hem because I was lazy. It only took a couple of hours, so it was one of those quick, instant-gratification makes. I don’t pride myself on them, but hey, we all need one now and again!


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