Geometric cushion covers

A friend of mine moved into a new place and bought a new, bright red couch. Alas, he had no cushions. What's a girl to do? (I wish I took a photo of the cushions actually on the red couch when I gave them to him! It was a stunning contrast.)


Double dark chocolate rich cookies

When visiting your boyfriend in a small town and then waiting for your flight home while he is at work, what else would you do other than bake him something delicious? A couple of weeks ago I was in this very situation. I found a super-simple recipe online and modified it ever so slightly to … Continue reading Double dark chocolate rich cookies

Classic choc chip cookies

An old favourite, these are soft and melty and popular with just about everyone. The recipe is taken and modified slightly from an ancient cookbook that came with a Sunbeam food processor some time in the late 80s/early 90s. The food processor is long gone, but the wonderful recipe lives on! I’ve always made these … Continue reading Classic choc chip cookies