A Herd of Hollyburn Skirts, or the Internet’s favourite skirt pattern ever

It’s a delightful sunny Saturday morning in Autumn, it’s finally cooling down enough to wear a jumper inside, I have a cup of tea, and it’s about time I posted some long-awaited blog updates. So, hi!

A quick phone selfie of right now: the perfect situation for relaxed blog-writing! 🙂

So, if you Google “Sewaholic Hollyburn” you’ll find a plethora of bloggers and seamstresses who have reviewed and discussed and admired and shared this pattern. As such, I won’t go into detail but I’ll just add my two cents and fully support everyone who has recommended the Hollyburn: it’s fantastic. If you don’t already own it and you like classic fit-and-flare silhouettes, I really strongly recommend you give it a go! It’s super easy and super quick and super effective and versatile. Also recommended if you’re fairly new to sewing, too!

Hollyburn Skirt by Sewaholic Patterns - Envelope Cover
The Hollyburn Skirt, by Sewaholic Patterns. Link opens to the pattern shop.

The first one I made, ages ago, was a quick mock-up in a black linen I found in the remnants box at my local fabric store. I’ve worn it a few times, but it is kinda see-through and I don’t think I’ll be bothered lining it. Its main purpose was to check the fit and the size and shape and everything. Turns out the fit is perfect, but the length on this skirt is just a little off. Doesn’t matter! I established that I liked the pattern, liked the shape of the skirt, and endeavoured to make more!

This next one I have worn a LOT and is made from leftover fabric from this top, one of my very earliest makes. I’ve worn and washed this skirt so many times that it seems the interfacing in the waistband is giving out. Not sure if it just needs an iron, or if it was cheap interfacing in the first place, but it hasn’t stopped me wearing it! It has been perfect for the hot summery days here, which are juuuust beginning to have mercy now.

And the most recent one, only a few weeks old, is made from leftover fabric from this dress. I seriously love this fabric, as I’ve said many times, but as part of my plans to use up old fabrics before splurging on new ones, I was happy to finally use it up.

Each of these skirts was made using the simplest version of the Hollyburn – no button tabs and no belt loops (even though I do usually accessorize with a belt on when I wear them). I did put pockets in them, because POCKETS, and they sit so nicely and are so useful. I catch-stitched the hems rather than machine-stitching, as I much prefer the tidy finish. Likewise, I slip-stitched the waistband on the inside to avoid visible stitching on the outside.

This pattern just has the perfect amount of swish, and as my husband puts it, “good hang”. The skirts are just flared enough and not too flared, and the pattern is so easy to follow and can be sewn up in a couple of hours. If you skipped the hand-stitching and just machine-stitched everything, you could have a skirt made in record time.

I’m slowly working my way through my queued blog posts and eventually catching up to date, so stay tuned. Meanwhile, I have a dress to sew today and lots of cups of tea to drink. Enjoy your weekends!

Katy x


7 thoughts on “A Herd of Hollyburn Skirts, or the Internet’s favourite skirt pattern ever

  1. I still haven’t got around to trying this pattern yet but I will now as yours look great, especially the last one!

  2. Haha too bad the first one is a little see-through because all the versions look great. My favorite’s the second one though, love the way you styled it 🙂

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