The Bridal Shower Outfit, or Burda Young 7308

Hello! (Yes, omg, an actual blog post!) Today's post is about an outfit I made for my bridal shower back in May last year (I know, belated, but who isn't terrible at keeping their blog updated when they have Instagram 😉 ). This was the next item I made for myself after the wedding dress. … Continue reading The Bridal Shower Outfit, or Burda Young 7308

Moneta, I did one!

This post has been a long time coming. Like, more-than-six-months coming. But hey, life happens in between blog posts so here it finally is. None other than the every-popular, comfortable, quick and easy Moneta by Colette Patterns. I starting seeing these awesome dresses all over the blogosphere months before I bought the pattern, and knew … Continue reading Moneta, I did one!