Delicious, healthy, banana muffins, and my first Instagram post!

Hello! Just a quick share of the world’s greatest (and super healthy) banana muffin recipe. I found the recipe over here by hillontherun. The recipe is gluten- and sugar-free, using almond meal and pure maple syrup instead. They are possibly the moistest, most delicious, soft banana muffins I’ve ever tasted. Highly recommended! (Oh, side note, … More Delicious, healthy, banana muffins, and my first Instagram post!

Achievement unlocked: making my own wedding dress!

Hi! Maybe you’re here because you want to make your own dress and are looking for other people’s stories, or maybe you’re here because I shoved the link to my blog in your face and you’re vaguely interested. Or maybe you’re another sewing blogger and just stumbled across this post. Whatever your reason, thanks for … More Achievement unlocked: making my own wedding dress!

Moneta, I did one!

This post has been a long time coming. Like, more-than-six-months coming. But hey, life happens in between blog posts so here it finally is. None other than the every-popular, comfortable, quick and easy Moneta by Colette Patterns. I starting seeing these awesome dresses all over the blogosphere months before I bought the pattern, and knew … More Moneta, I did one!

Burda 7051, no. 2

Since my Belcarra post, which my Dad kindly photographed for me (thanks, Dad!), I’ve not had access to a good camera. I’ve had to make do with my iPhone, which just doesn’t quite cut it. I personally much, much prefer the sewing blogs that have nice photos to accompany them. I don’t know, maybe it’s … More Burda 7051, no. 2

Burda 7051, no. 1

A top; I made it! May I present my first wearable top since my Belcarra: Burda Young 7051. I actually made this way back in May to wear to my brother’s 21st, and never photographed it, but here it is now. I’ve actually worn it quite a few times – it can be quite dressy … More Burda 7051, no. 1