First attempt at a shirt…


I found an old pattern (Simplicity 9857, from 1996… I know) and some nice white rayon for my first attempt at a collared shirt.


Things I have learnt:

  1. How NOT to do collars; and
  2. No matter how much you want a retro shirt to not look retro because you’re wearing it in 2014, it’s gonna look retro.

Turns out, as pleased as I was with my mad top-stitching, slip-stitching, and interfacing skillz, a shapeless 1996 blouse is not gonna look as good on me as it does on the illustration on the packet (especially when you monumentally mess up the collar). Surprise, surprise. Long story short, I dislike the blouse so much that I don’t even want to finish it. It’s probably going to sit hemless and buttonless in the bottom of my sewing stash for the rest of my life. Hey, it’s a learning curve.

Next up though, my attempt at the Belcarra Blouse. I’m guessing it’ll be more achievable than this atrocity, and something that I will actually wear! Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “First attempt at a shirt…

    1. Really WRONG, more like! But thanks. And I’m not giving up! I have a new pattern for a collared dress that I’m going to try soon!

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