Rose themed soft wash cloth


So I recently learnt how to make my own bias tape and realised how awesome that is because you seriously use bias tape on So Many Things. So I made some bias tape out of this pink stuff that has been lying around since I was a 5-year-old ballerina in a circle skirt, and then I realised I needed to make something with said bias tape (bias tape, bias tape, bias tape). I had some left over terry-towelling from my last baby-themed project so decided to use that and make a wash cloth for my little baby niece. Her name happens to include Rose so I cleverly decided to make some roses out of bits of ribbon and stitch them on. I was originally going to try and embroider her name on the cloth, but that was going to be too hard (for now). So here we have it: a lovely, soft wash cloth for a lovely baby girl (I also had to include a picture of those sweet, sweet mitred corners because damn, those are some neat corners. Check them out!).

Also, as a side note, I have recently bought a bunch of new patterns and am SO EXCITED to start making clothes that are actually wearable. I’ve been making pyjamas forever, but never actual clothes that people see me in. My first challenge is a blouse. Stay tuned.

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